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Potton Services are an
independent personal
care specialist agency
that provide high
quality family support
and personal care


Potton Services is an independent Social Care Agency that provides support for young people and adults. Potton Services has a team of family support workers, carers and health care assistants that are experienced in working with adults and children.

Potton Services supports children with; learning difficulties, autism, medical and complex needs.

Potton Services provide support for adults and children with healthcare, personal care – dressing, washing, housekeeping, domestic work, companionship, and help with cooking or preparing meals. We also offer respite in the community or the family home. Potton Services can offer round the clock 24-hour care.

Potton Services adopts an individualised, holistic and adaptable approach to families, young people and adults it supports whilst promoting wellbeing within the family home. Our approach aims to explore and understand the interactions that take place with a family home. It is through building safe, strong and secure relationships that we create a nurturing and structured intervention.

We provide responsive and effective services to children, young people and adults through understanding and management of risk.

We will work with challenging and emotional difficulties- through close observation and working with the children, young people and adults to support them to find alternative strategies of self-regulating that will help them with managing their behaviour and emotions.



Health Care Assistant

Job Purpose:

To deliver exceptional quality care to highly dependent children and young adults with complex care needs. Providing Family Support outreach for parents with young people that have additional needs

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  • To provide security and stability to children and adults requiring individual care who need to be supported in a range of settings including, family home, foster placement, residential care homes and the community. At Potton Services we aim to offer high-quality support and personal care services that focus on the needs of the individual.
  • To provide a professional service to children that can assist and make recommendations on a child’s learning needs, emotional and behavioural needs and developmental needs within the context of a specific requirement from the referring agency.
  • To provide a professional service to adults that enables us to meet the care needs, offering dignity and respect at all times, ensuring that the individual’s voice is heard and that they have a choice in the care that they receive. We will always ensure that the individual is living a life and achieving a fulfilled and comfortable life.
  • To risk assess all referrals, assessing the risk for all children and adults and their identified needs, then providing a programme of support and caring, alongside the allocated social workers/family if support workers ( if appropriate) that can support effective change. We regularly review these care packages and monitor outcomes for children and adults, in partnership with the Local Authority and the family (where appropriate).
  • Potton Services aims to enable the children and adults to find a way of describing and defining their issues in a manner that helps carers, families and others by mobilising the appropriate resources for them to learn both the life and independent living skills.
  • To identify health and educational issues pertinent to the wellbeing of the child or adult and to ensure they have access to all resources available for the period that they have access to our personal care services.
  • For children to have learnt life skills and independent living skills, allowing a positive transition into adulthood where appropriate.
  • Children and adults to be able to develop trusting, safe and healthy relationships.
  • For children and adults to participate in all aspects of planning for their care, where appropriate.
  • That children achieve positive outcomes academically and vocationally within an environment that recognises all achievements for the child.
  • That promotion of physical and emotional health for each child and adult. We make sure there is a plan to ensure that all their needs are met.
  • To be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make positive contributions and achieve economic wellbeing.


  • Parenting support packages – 24 hours if required
  • Personal care
  • Welfare checks
  • High-level family support outreach
  • Risk Assessments
  • Edge of Care Packages
  • Supervised contact and transport
  • 24-hour helpline
  • Detailed reports,
  • Support in the home for adults
  • Eating or drinking (including the administration of parenteral nutrition)
  • Oral care
  • The care of skin, hair and nails (with the exception of nail care provided by a chiropodist or podiatrist
  • Supporting fragile community placements.
  • Bespoke support packages.
  • Rehabilitation services.
  • Respite care services 24-hour support
  • Housekeeping or domestic work
  • Help with cooking and preparing meals
  • Companionship/ befriending
  • Shopping

Additional Services

We also support children by providing access to professionals such as: Consultant Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists and Art/Drama Therapists.


Support and Respite

Offering support and respite to families where a child may have disabilities, additional needs or life limiting illnesses.

Supporting Additional Needs

Providing support for families to manage the care of children with disabilities, additional needs or life limiting illnesses.

Personal Care

Offering personal care in the family home and in the community.

Reducing Risk

Helping support families to remain together and reduce the risks of children entering the care system.



Our Family Support Staff are educated to at least NVQ level 3, many have degrees and have all received training in the standards of care. All staff are engaged in our rolling training programme so their skills continually develop. We emphasise supporting teamwork, flexible working conditions and personal development. Training is given in Child Protection, Restraint Training, Health and Safety, Diversity, Lone Working, Child Sexual Abuse, Mental Health, hoist training, manual handling, autism, positive parenting, standards of care, PEG feeding and learning difficulties.

Our staff are supervised by Social Work Managers and have access to advice and support 24 hours a day. They all have a valid DBS check and references from previous employers, so you know your service users are in safe hands. All DBS’ will be put onto the update service. Potton Services can also be contacted 24 hours a day by Social Care Staff/EDT.

Potton Services are Supporting Families Everywhere

Our family support staff will provide personal care and our additional services within London, Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Essex, Bromley, Suffolk and Southend. We continue to rapidly expand and are available to offer support anywhere in the UK.


To make a referral or to discuss our services please contact us below:

Referrals and general enquiries

Telephone: +44 (0) 1268 968 541
Mobile: +44 (0) 7827 274 993 (Available 24/7)

Potton Services

6-8 Southernhay
Essex, SS14 1EL

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